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Arch Linux



CRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution targeted at
experienced Linux users. The primary focus of this distribution is
"keep it simple", which is reflected in a simple tar.gz-based package
system, BSD-style initscripts, and a relatively small collection of
trimmed packages. The secondary focus is utilization of new Linux
features and recent tools and libraries. CRUX also has a ports system
which makes it easy to install and upgrade applications.

Arch Linux

Short: Arch Linux is an i686-optimized linux distribution targeted at
competent linux users (read: not afraid of the commandline)

Long: Arch is fast, lightweight, flexible and simple. Those aren't very
fancy buzzwords but they're all true. Arch is optimized for the i686
processor, so you get more for your cpu cycle. It's lightweight
compared to RedHat et al, and its simple design makes it easy to extend
and mold into whatever kind of system you're building.

This is backed by an easy-to-use binary package system that doesn't get
over-complicated (I can almost write the whole thing in bash) and a
simple build system that will hopefully encourage users to build their
own packages (Arch Build System). Rebuilding your entire system is as
simple as running 'makeworld'.

Arch Linux strives to maintain the latest stable version of its
software. We currently support a fairly streamlined package set with a
growing collection of contrib packages made by myself and other AL
developers. A brief component list is below.

In its goal to be simple, flexible, bla bla bla, I've adopted CRUX's
ideology and have left out the relatively useless portions of a linux
system, things like /usr/doc and the info pages. In my own personal
experience, these are rarely used, and the equivalent information can
be obtained from the net if need be. Manpages all the way...

Arch Linux also strives to use some of the newer features that are
available to linux users, such as ext3/reiserfs and devfs support.






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