Running a larch live-CD/USB system

Of course the details depend on what you have installed and how you have
configured it. For example, the 'mini2' example profile builds a console-only system,
the 'xmaxi' profile boots to xfce4.

One thing worth noting is that these supplied profiles automatically login
to the root account, which - potentially - allows all sorts of 'dangerous' actions,
like reformatting your disks or making a mess of your file-systems in other ways.
This is because one of the main raisons d'être for larch is its use
as an Arch-installation-and-rescue medium. For this, you need root access.
However, if you want to use the system in other ways, e.g. for text or image editing,
or for internet browsing or e-mail writing, it might be safer to do this as an
unprivileged user. Such a user is easily created with the 'adduser' command, or
in KDE with 'kuser' (or using the 'luser.py' script in the larch
'luser' package). If you have a writable boot medium, such changes can be
'remembered' by saving the session when you shut the system down (the possibility
will normally be offered automatically).


“c2r”表示复制到内存(Copy to RAM,译者注),还句话说,就是在初始化前就将系统的全部数据复制到内存,这样一来系统运行得就更快,并且可以脱离引导媒体(比如说光盘就可以弹出去,而插入另外的光盘)。当然这样也要求有大量的内存(至少比引导媒体的容量要大),而且由于要复制数据,启动过程也会更慢。因此,由于大量的内存需求,我们预设“c2r”参数自动启动“swap”参数。


The supplied profiles are just intended as starting points for your own
configurations, they are fairly primitive, in fact only a little more than a newly
installed Arch sytem. If you are running a profile with X11, you may find that you
need to configure it before it will run. Since Xorg version 7.3, it
is often possible to run without an /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but
it may be necessary to create and tweak the configuration file for your system.
You can try 'X -configure' or 'xorgconfig' to create a starting point which you can
then tweak. Start X with startx.

The 'xmini' and 'xmaxi' profiles use a slightly more elaborate login approach on
the first terminal, with a simple menu as well as automatic login. There is also
a logout gui for xfce, which together with the login script can
trigger session saving directly, bypassing the console prompt.

If you are stuck with the console, there is still hope. It's not as pretty or
newbie friendly as an X11 desktop, but still quite capable. I always like to have
mc available, it's a real godsend for non-geeks (you should also install
lynx so that HTML files can be displayed on the console - at a
pinch you can also surf with it, but it is painful).

If your console keyboard map is
wrong, try running km (I stole this from the
standard Arch install CD and modified it a bit to work in larch).
It also modifies '/etc/rc.conf', so the change can be retained for subsequent
runs by performing a 'session-save'.

If you have a DHCP server on your network, you might well find that
the network interface is configured automatically (assuming your rc.conf
is configured appropriately). Otherwise you can use any method to set up
the network available in Arch Linux - see the appropriate
Arch Linux documentation (primarily the wiki, I guess) for details.

Of course the exact details of what you can do depends on what
software you installed, so I won't rabbit on endlessly about it here.
Nearly all configuration details should be just the same as in a normal,
hard-disk based installation.

Installation to hard disk

The larch hard-disk installer larchin may be used to install
Arch Linux to hard disk (or similar). At the moment it is very fresh
and rather minimal, probably rather buggy, but I hope it will improve over time.
It is not intended as a complete solution for all aspects of Arch installation,
but I have tried to concentrate on those areas that are unique to the installation
process. In other words it does very little system configuration, because such
requirements can also exist in an already installed system, so I think this should
be covered by separate tools.
larchin deals with partitioning and formatting of hard drives, placing
Arch Linux (primarily a copy of the live system on which it is running)
on the newly formatted partitions, and installation of the GRUB bootloader.
It is so fresh that it hasn't yet got any documentation yet, but it's usage
should be very straightforward - just run 'larchin.py', as root).

As mentioned above the main approach to Arch installation covered by
larchin is to copy the contents of the live system to a hard drive. Those
(few) bits peculiar to the needs of a live system are removed and the result is a
completely normal Arch Linux installation. I should perhaps mention
the file 'larch0' in the '/.livesys' directory (copied there from the 'larch/copy'
directory on the boot medium). This script is run at the end of the installation
(if it exists) and allows custom installation actions to be performed.







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